Trip to Sigüenza

Nuestros  alumnos de la sección bilingüe de inglés de 3º  de ESO han estado en Sigüenza del 27 al 29 de marzo, en una actividad de inmersión en inglés, practicando deportes y actividades al aire libre además de realizar un recorrido por la ciudad y su historia, con la tutela de los monitores de habla inglesa y nuestros profesores acompañantes.

Our English section students from 3º ESO took a trip this past week (March 27th to the 29th) to Nature Camp Sigüenza. Sigüenza is an ancient town rich with art history and unique historical sites- from its 13th century castle to the Casa del Doncel. The students were able to experience what this legendary city has to offer while improving their English and social skills. With the exceptional help of Daniel, Alex, and Gretchen, the camp activity monitors, the students played sports, activities and games all while being fully immersed in English and working on teamwork skills. The students played sports such as lacrosse, fencing and cricket, and took one of the afternoons to tour the city of Sigüenza. 


American Classics in the Classroom

Last Tuesday (Jan.31), students in 1º and 2º and 3º of ESO were treated to Showtime’s “American Classics” theatre for half of their school day. Actors from The Improving Company, a Madrid theater group specializing in immersive educational experiences, came to IES Gabriel García Márquez and staged fun and interactive interpretations of eight classic American works. Students watched and participated in Gone with the Wind, Moby Dick, Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, The Catcher in the Rye, The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby, The Outsiders, and To Kill a Mockingbird. In addition to painting a vibrant picture of stories’ plots with their performances, actors explained the lasting legacies the stories left on American culture. The students were active participants —they volunteered to play significant roles in the stories as well as being a supportive audience.

We welcome our five new English assistants



(From left to right: Sam, Samantha, Carly, Yuliana, Katie)

Another year is off to a great start at IES Gabriel García Márquez! We have a new group of auxiliares de conversación (English language assistants) helping out in English, music, science, geography, physics, history, technology and PE classes:

SAM – New York City, United States

Hey yáll!  I hail from New York City, where I was born and raised for the first 17 years of my life.   After that, I moved all the way to the West Coast, Los Angeles to be specific, where I went to Occidental College.  At ¨Oxy,¨ I played basketball, worked for the Los Angeles Mayor, and majored in International Relations, largely due to my thirst to see the world and better understand cultures once unbeknownst to me before.  I have been lucky enough to work with penguins in South Africa, work at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and teach English in Thailand.  Now, let’s add teaching English in Spain to the list!  I look forward to bringing a taste of the US into the classroom, and welcome the opportunity to learn about Spain from you all as well!

SAMANTHA – Virginia, United States

I´m from a small town called Warrenton in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. I stayed in Virginia for college and studied International Studies with minors in Spanish and History at Virginia Tech. I studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador which is where my love for travelling and for Spanish really took off! After living and working in Washington DC I decided it was time to reconnect with my passion for adventure and move to Madrid. I love working with students and in the past have led outdoor education trips on the Appalachian Trail. I am tremendously excited to share my experiences in the classroom as well as learn about Spain from my students and fellow teachers!

CARLY – Calgary, Canada

I am from Calgary, Alberta Canada which is close to the Rocky Mountains and is always freezing cold. The cold doesn’t stop me from enjoying the outdoors. I do many winter sports such as skating, hockey, skiing and snowboarding. I also love to do yoga and have been practicing for 7 years. Originally I am from Montreal, Canada where many people speak French so I can also speak a bit of French. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources and have worked 8 years in the banking industry. Last year I travelled abroad to live in Ireland and now I have the travel bug! I´m hoping to make Madrid my new home and learn Spanish!

YULIANAOhio, United States

Hello! I am happy to be back for my second year at IES Gabriel García Márquez! For those of you who don’t know me from last year, I am 25 years old and have lived most of my life in Ohio, USA. I am originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan so at home we speak Russian. Because of that, I have always been interested in cultures and the world around me so that’s what brought me to Spain! Before coming here, I studied International Relations at the University of Cincinnati and got my Master of International Education at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. This is my third year in Madrid, and it is my favorite city!  I look forward to teaching you English this year!

KATIE – Delaware, United States

I am 23 years old and am from Wilmington, Delaware. I attended Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Disability Studies. I have two older brothers that are both nurses and also live in Delaware, along with both of my parents that are Nurse Anesthetists. This is my first time leaving the United States, and decided that I wanted by first experience in another country to be assistant teaching in Madrid because I have heard amazing things about Spain, and enjoy working with children. I hope to continue traveling in the future, but for now I love living in Spain.

A journey to the centre of the Earth

10th May

After our morning classes  we had lunch on the Butler House Gardens and headed to the impressive Dunmore Caves. There we learnt that the action of water over limestone rock is the responsible for the formation of these incredible caves. 😮 On our way back, we made a quick stop to enjoy the beautiful Jenkinstown Park where we could see different species of animals and plants, such as deers, jackdaws, beeches, horse chestnuts, holly trees… And, back to Kilkenny! There our families were waiting to share the rest of the evening with us.

Después de nuestras clases de inglés comimos en los jardines de Butler House y salimos para visitar las impresionantes cuevas de Dunmore. Allí aprendimos que la acción del agua sobre la roca caliza es responsable de la formación de estas cuevas. En el camino de vuelta hicimos una parada para disfrutar el bonito parque de Jenkinstown donde pudimos ver diferentes especies de animales y plantas como ciervos, grajillas, hayas, castaños de indias, acebos… y de vuelta a Kilkenny! Allí estaban nuestras familias esperándonos para pasar el resto de la tarde con ellos.

First day of school!

Our students were thrilled to meet their teachers: Sarah, Keeva, Rebekah and Kathy…  and the game starts! Books, notebooks pens and ready for learning! 😉

After lunch we had the tradicional walking tour of our lovely Kilkenny: High Street, the Court House, the Black Abbey, The Castle Grounds… the weather wasn’t as kind as in Dublín, but we enjoyed all the same.

Nuestros estudiantes estuvieron encantados de conocer a sus nuevas profesora: Sarah, Keeva, Rebekah and Kathy…¡ y empezó el juego! ¡Libros, cuadernos, bolis y listos para aprender! 😉

Después de la comida tuvimos el tradicional paseo por nuestra querida Kilkenny: High Street, the Court House, la Abadía Negra, los jardines del castillo… el tiempo no fue tan bueno como en Dublìn ¡pero lo disfrutamos igual!