Trip to Sigüenza

Nuestros  alumnos de la sección bilingüe de inglés de 3º  de ESO han estado en Sigüenza del 27 al 29 de marzo, en una actividad de inmersión en inglés, practicando deportes y actividades al aire libre además de realizar un recorrido por la ciudad y su historia, con la tutela de los monitores de habla inglesa y nuestros profesores acompañantes.

Our English section students from 3º ESO took a trip this past week (March 27th to the 29th) to Nature Camp Sigüenza. Sigüenza is an ancient town rich with art history and unique historical sites- from its 13th century castle to the Casa del Doncel. The students were able to experience what this legendary city has to offer while improving their English and social skills. With the exceptional help of Daniel, Alex, and Gretchen, the camp activity monitors, the students played sports, activities and games all while being fully immersed in English and working on teamwork skills. The students played sports such as lacrosse, fencing and cricket, and took one of the afternoons to tour the city of Sigüenza. 


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